SAY, 48+

Very interesting to hear, a commentator say the other night (though I’d still like to verify), that there are more start-ups from this age group, than any other. And as I loathe, and detest, categorising people into baby boomers / millennials / generation Y or Z, let’s stick with the age group, by number. AndContinue reading SAY, 48+


I can understand for security reasons, as everyone seems bereft without their smartphone. But apps. like LinkedIn, Twitter – why? why? why? As all they seem to do, is just keep piling on the gimmicks. But what else are they doing – WE CONSUMERS SHOULD BE ASKING? For every time, apart from the ‘smokescreen’ ofContinue reading UPDATES OF UPDATES

rfid – the challenge?

Whilst I very much respect the need for technology improvements, and some are indeed worthwhile, there are others where the consequences of such a ‘supposed’ improvement, have a detrimental knock on affect, further down the product chain. Being disabled, and therefore unable to move quickly, my Bank recently advised me to get an Rfid protectedContinue reading rfid – the challenge?


‘Singen added Self-Drive to his toothbrush, but he still had to floss’ ‘Hubert put Bitcoin in his piggy bank, but it still weighed the same’ ‘Norman added Blockchain to his carrots, but they still grew bent’ ‘Stanley added Touchscreen to his belly button, but he still suffered from wind’ ‘Ludevic added VR to his glasses,Continue reading A MERRY QUIP FOR MODERN TIMES


Just like millions, and being disabled, I rely upon a certain amount of SMART tech., that I want to work brilliantly, all the time. So when I deleted WhatsApp from my S8+, for being the most annoying app I’ve ever come across, I expected everything to be duly removed. Ran the Samsung cleaning tool, andContinue reading SOFTWARE DROSS