No student, nor any person, should ever feel as low, as to contemplate suicide. Plenty of debate as to the contributory causes, not least social-media, but let’s turn that around, into promoting positive things that can help, in the darkest of hours. So, here’s my contribution: Nobody should ever feel desperate, and alone, absolutely nobody.Continue reading STUDENT SUICIDE POSTER IDEAS


You pay circa £1 grand for your slab of double-glazing, from any number of fruit salad providers, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Huawei, etc., etc. Double-glazing, that presumably you let out a minuscule yelp of ‘yes,’ once you got it. So, it’s yours – but it’s not, as it’s stuffed to the brim of thoroughly nonsensical bloatware.Continue reading CLEAR THE BLOATWARE…


My sincere thanks to Worcester RGS, for inviting me to take part in their Lower Sixth, Mock Interview programme. As is my style, I wrote out lots of my own type, highly modern, truly searching questions; designed to get to the real person. WELL, you students blew me away, superb is all I can say.Continue reading WOW! – MOCK INTERVIEWS


I wonder which generation, will stamp their feet, that’s it, Enough Is Enough? When you consider it logically? There’s probably enough housing, or at least buildings, for everyone. (if ‘we’ stop chasing second homes, speculation, ludicrous rents). There’s probably enough food. (if ‘we’ stop wasting so much, deliberately). There’s probably enough natural resources. (if ‘we’Continue reading I WONDER WHICH GENERATION…


Do you have one? Have you ever thought about having one? At company A, where I’m one of five external volunteer mentors, we’ve recognised this very simple fact, for nearly a decade. You can’t possibly respect your employees (in our case members) without recognising, and fully respecting their own individuality. That’s why we have them,Continue reading CONTEMPLATION ZONE


Hurtling towards that time of year again, where there’ll be lots of yummy, yummy things ALL INCARASARATED IN A SUBSTANCE OF DEATH! Slightly odd, in reality, for I of course refer to Easter, that is commonly associated with spring, new life, clean air, chicks, freshness everywhere. Yet the incarceration squad, seemingly made up of marketing/operationsContinue reading SOON PLASTIC TIME AGAIN


Probably the human SIGH of billions of people worldwide, as they’re constantly bombarded by thoroughly idiotic adverts, and slogans. If you want something, YOU go get it! A very simple human decision, that seems to allude the marketeers and ad dump guys/gals. And the idea that Big Data (ha,ha,ha,ha) will somehow revolutionise the human decisionContinue reading THE SIGH OF BILLIONS !


Hello I’m the CEO. – ‘So, what do you do?’ I’m the leader of the ship. – ‘Sorry, are we afloat?’ No, I mean that I’m the boss. – ‘The boss?’ Yes, I take all the important decisions. – ‘So, you chose the colour scheme?’ Don’t be silly, I’ve got people who do that. –Continue reading THE ‘MODERN’ CEO