My Background

I will be the first to admit, that my move into mentoring and tutoring, with a highly successful international career behind me, has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences I’ve had to date, though I’ve been mentoring degree students for years.  The similarities are remarkable, for as a mentor – tutor your’e constantly striving to move an individual, or entity forward, though with young people, there’s usually much more enthusiasm.

As I’m totally independent, not being tied to a franchise or consultancy house, I can offer you a highly personalised and tailored approach to your tutoring – mentoring needs.

This is fantastic, as far as I’m concerned, for quality tutoring and mentoring needs to be personalised for it to work, in an effective and successful way.

Every situation is different, that’s why I offer my unique type of service whenever I’m approached for mentoring or tutoring needs.

Just Open Your Eyes

As a volunteer Higher Level Teaching Assistant, at St. Peter’s First School, Droitwich Spa, I work in partnership with the class Teacher, to deliver the curriculum in an innovative, supportive, creative and focused manner.

I also work with pupils and students on a one to one basis, as well as taking groups of pupils who require extra support or assistance to master the topic for themselves.

My approach is exactly the same, whether I’m tutoring or mentoring, for frankly they are almost the same things, and anyway, it’s the results for you that actually matter in the end!

Business mentoring usually takes me into the older generations (no matter what age) where I work with individuals and companies, as well as being a Business Mentor for the BIG DEAL project run by Warwick Business School.

And at all times, my objective is simply to achieve the following:

getting the best out of YOU – YOUR IDEAS – YOUR BUSINESS

My Commercial Background Includes:

Ramada Enterprises. CEO (Hospitality Entrepreneur)

LS Group. GROUP CONSULTANT (Construction Materials)

PRD Fasteners Ltd. CEO (24/7 Specialist Manufacture)


Harwood Welpac Ltd. CEO (Retail)

…. though my full career profile can be found on Keith Osola

However, and this is the exciting and interesting part – ‘there is nothing really new’ …. when you properly think about it, it’s just evolution, and how we’re able to approach things differently, that’s all.

And that’s why, experiences of every sort, are so vital in being able to properly support you, in whatever you wish to achieve.d-d-do-it-19

Keith Osola 

A Business Mentor Guy

A Tutor Guy

“Let’s Chat”

My first Training Academy that I built.

 ‘Experiences are there to be built upon’    

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