My Simple Approach

We all have the capacity to learn and succeed in our chosen areas, as long as these can be stimulated by the pupil themselves, and not through peer pressure.

As help with defining self-direction can lead to significant improvements in motivation and success.

That’s why I offer a personalised and tailored approach, to every tutoring – mentoring role that I undertake.

From young, young ones …

… to students, to anyone and everyone quite frankly – for we all have a passion to learn, or try something new.

Courtesy of Unilever.

explode into life, and let yourself shine

Tutoring, mentoring are all learning types, and should be fun, engaging and stimulating, otherwise we simply ‘switch off’ our minds to the task in hand.

Here’s an example – St. Peter’s First School (YR4 8-9yrs) – TEAM ENTERPRISE PROJECT – design brief:

‘To develop and make a brand new Interactive Board Game for all the family to enjoy.’

My role, to tutor/mentor – their role, to let their imagination’s fly, work as teams, communicate, calculate, research, design, develop, refine, make, present – and they used every ounce of the curriculum, and a whole lot more.

from this .. creative and imaginative ideas ‘flying’ at whiteboards  e54e5ca9-5cc7-4bb8-9690-a73603d13a03

to this .. beginning to finalise the designs on grid flip-board paper20160615_100233

to this .. the final proofed game, printed, and ready for market testing 1to this .. conceptualised 3D version, with multiple board layout variation

to this .. the outer box lid, and branding look


The young teams also put together The Rules – The Characters – The Rewards – The Risk Cards – The Chance Cards – The Lucky Cards, and even the type of dice that they thought would suit the games.

Utterly astonishing, I think you’ll agree, but this is what can be achieved with the correct tutoring/mentoring approach.

And, it’s exactly the same for businesses.

We all need a ‘helping hand’ at some stage throughout our life, so don’t throw away the opportunities that will present themselves, just for the sake of asking for help.

Get those ‘lights’ turned back on – and you can achieve anything you want to in life.

The whole process, as far as I’m concerned, is all about building a trusting, focused and supportive rapport between individuals.

As tutoring / mentoring really can make all the difference to your success.

I’ve also recently mentored (tutored) a group of young female students (14/15 yrs), from Sandwell Academy, right through to the Grand Final of the BIG DEAL competition, sponsored by Warwick Business School, with their brilliant new concept for a HEALTH SMART WATCH.


This was an incredible achievement for the 3 young ladies in question, for none of them were studying business, or related topics at all.

I think this admirably demonstrates what tutoring / mentoring can really achieve, given the willingness of the student, or students, to get involved.

“Let’s Chat”

 Keith Osola


Business Studies Tutor

English Tutor

Maths Tutor 

Business Mentor

‘never stop exploring and learning’ 

‘Supporting you, to get you where you want to go’ 


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