This photo, and caption, admirably demonstrates exactly what I mean (my thanks to the originator).

You don’t have to spend millions – you don’t have to overly ‘stratergise’ – you don’t have to follow the crowd – you don’t have to be drowned in process.

What you do need to do – is to be you. 


Nothing gets more attention, than genuine people, doing really great things, with passion – enthusiasm – commitment – purpose – and human flair.

And that’s what it’s all about – and, what we need more of in today’s world.

In the words of the truly great, and hugely imaginative and creative Pete Tong –

‘combining the ‘old’ + a twist of the ‘new’ = something new’

Don’t be put off, by the fact that you can’t come up with something new – new, for there’s actually nowt, that’s really new – new, out there anyway.

Out Of The Box

The ‘old’ is just able to be done differently, that’s all, is a grounded way of looking at it.

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It’s always a balanced equation:

1/ latest techniques, latest materials, latest processes = something new.


2/ old techniques, old materials, old processes, new creativity = something new.


3/ old techniques, latest materials, creative design = something new.

You’ll notice the word creative, for that’s the fundamental ingredient that makes a winner out of you, as opposed to a follower.

So take this on board, and be creative with your designs, your ideas, your vision, your path – and you’ll have an exciting future ahead of you.

For a bit of fun, though serious – simply consider this, and you’ll see what I mean:

Twitter Language – Shorthand

The Cloud – Your Filing Cabinets

Driverless Cars – Chauffeurs

Drones – Airborne Hovercraft


‘Never Stop Developing You – Your Ideas – Your Business’

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