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imagesI’ve always been amazed, whenever I scan social media, or look at official brand marketing, as to just how ‘corporate’ it still is.

The official message, if you like, and whilst some of it is really quite clever, it’s nevertheless ‘cloned’ in the corporate atmosphere.

Usually produced by the ‘marketing’ function, the CEO, or some other high ranking bod within the entity, or simply passed over to a third party.


Yet, we have all these ‘tools’ at our disposal, and more and more coming on stream every day.

And they aren’t just there to pump out your sales pitch, for that’s really boring, and of absolutely no interest to anyone, no matter what some people might say, or analytics suggest.

So, why aren’t we using them, far more effectively, to truly tell our story, and engage with the widest possible audiences, around the globe?

Then I look internally, at all the wonderful guys and gals that you employ, and, as is so often the case, are struggling to find sufficient of.

So, why not try a different approach, something radical, yet something highly engaging for your employees to be involved in?

Yes, by all means stay with the corporate line – but at top level, across whatever media suits your particular business.

Then, have a second tier, sub-divided into the main streams (the ones that your employees might be particularly brilliant at):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

…. or whichever ones take your fancy.

Then, select a different group of employees on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis to Blog / Post / Tweet, about what their doing, what it’s like to work for, excited to be involved in, today in the, can’t wait for, etc., with each group responsible for one of the media channels chosen (the employees channels if you like).

As what I’ve found with employees, is that some are truly brilliant at Facebook, whilst others are truly brilliant at Snapchat and Twitter.

So now, you’re getting real coverage, that’s actually going to be far more engaging, and far more worthwhile, in the long-run.

It’s also hugely engaging / inspiring / motivating for your employees – as everyone gets a go, though the teams should always be shuffled.

You could even have a monthly award for the best team?

And, if you want to be truly radical (though I would argue, with the times), why not employ social media editors?

After all, it works for the best magazines out there, doesn’t it?

Good God – we can’t possibly do that !!!!

Er, why not – as you’ve actually employed them, and should be empowering them to represent/showcase your entity to the very best of their abilities – haven’t you ????

Why not try it, and see for yourselves?


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