Why Should We Just ‘Accept’ Things? Collectively We Can Change The World


I guess in short, what I’m saying, Mister, Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms Consumer, is that we have the ultimate power, in our hands, to reshape things, and the world at large, if we choose to do so?

For that ‘power’ lies within our own back pocket, or handbag, and is commonly called Wally Wallet.

And that ‘power’ is truly immense, should we collectively choose to use it, for the right reasons.

As your ‘Wally Wallet,’ and the way that you use it, is massively more powerful than any conglomerate, or business entity that you care to name.

It’s even more powerful than any Stock Market or Financial Institution on the planet today.

And yet, we keep the ‘voice’ of Wally Wallet, so substantially subdued, and tamed, in preference to trying ‘to make a point’ via our endless Social Media outlets, newspapers, interviews, speeches, etc?

Usually, with little, or no change, other than the ‘fluttering’ of a few feathers, until it all quietens down once more, and relative normality is restored.

This is intriguing, as this is quite the opposite from how the money men, within the Stock Market, say, actually behave themselves, where long term-ism is frankly a thing of the past, sometimes relationships measured in moths, rather than years.  And any notional ideas of loyalty to one thing or another, have been shredded almost completely.

Though this short term-ism, does not bode well for entities trying to change themselves.

Yet, what these guys and gals are doing, on a minute by minute basis, is using their ‘power’ of Wally Wallet to make gains, for what they believe, I presume, is right and just.

But frankly, that’s inconsequential, though the ‘right and just’ cause should always remain a centre of focus.

However, we, as the mass consumers, upon which so much actually relies, seem to respond differently, and are basically accepting of anything, and everything?

Right or wrong – good or bad.

And yet, we as consumers, the ones with the real ‘power’ appear to want things to change, for societal, moral or environmental reasons – or do we in actual fact?

Or, is it just easier to accept things, as that fits in more easily with our ‘perfect’ lifestyles, as we’re just ‘far too busy anyway’ – the latter being a totally false, notional state of mind concept, brought on by our utter daily reliance upon smartphone technology.  That feeling of inadequacy if we don’t respond immediately (as cited during a Panorama investigation into Sleep Deprivation In Youngsters – March 2017).

Let me give you a current example, my comment (made openly) to Mr Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, to one of his posing questions about environmental concerns:

(and notwithstanding the excellent things that Unilever are undertaking)

‘Actually the equation is really very simple.

You’ve created a consumer acceptance – now, it’s your moral, societal and environmental responsibility to undo that consumer acceptance.

And this applies to every sector of commerce.

Take Marmite, for example, originally sold in glass jars – everyone is happy.

But, to be ‘trendy,’ and follow (rather than lead) the pack as an entity – we, as consumers get squeezey Marmite, in a plastic container, that presumably we actually didn’t ask for.

So now, you’ve set a new consumer acceptance.

See how it works?

Get everything, in the supply chain, back to basics, and fully environmentally friendly, and we’ll all make progress.

After all, we are humans, and presumably we can open a draw, and obtain a knife from that draw, to apply our Marmite with????

And this equation, of setting a ‘consumer acceptance’ goes for every supplier under the sun.

You’ve messed it up, if you like, with your over packaging of everything in sight – so you have a responsibility to clean the whole process up.

And simply, why don’t we have refilling points in Super Markets – to refill the enormous plastic containers of washing liquid for example?

That are so substantial, that 1 would last any human being a lifetime.’

Or, even Hand Wash, that comes in large plastic containers, even though it is scientifically and medically proved, that washing your hands with normal soap, wrapped in paper, is equally effective!

And we, as consumers, with the real power for change, are just as guilty, for we’ve just accepted another ‘thing,’ without even questioning it via Wally Wallet.

Now obviously there are all sorts of dynamics at play, when it comes to acceptance of something – from economics (micro/macro), marketing, advertising, transportation, consumer choice, how we perceive our lifestyle’s, to name but a few.

But the question still remains, that we, the consumers, are still the ones with the ultimate ‘power,’ so why aren’t we using it more effectively to enforce speedier conscientious change for the betterment of the world at large?

Do we really need to be accepting of everything that is going on, just because we’re told too?

Or do we need a new dynamic relationship with commerce, based upon societal, moral and environmental grounds?

Now clearly, if Governments attempt to legislate, then we all complain bitterly, even if it is in private, and as it takes so long for them to do so anyway, then progressive change is not likely to be speedy.

Similarly, with Social Media, if you remember the huge uproar inflected upon the manufacturers of Toblerone, when they spaced their chocolate bar further apart.

But, we probably still bought it, as the new style, becomes the new acceptance.

And so the cycle goes on and on, round and round, without much really happening, or dramatic change occurring, just because we, the consumers, are so ultimately accepting –

  • when we, the consumers have the greatest ‘power’ in the process chain out of anyone!

Further more, as more and more economies around the world, including that of China, are becoming consumer centred, then that gives us even more ‘power,’ and indeed responsibility to do the right thing, every time that we engage with Wally Wallet.

And if, as consumers, we simply do not accept things such as AI, robotics, big data collection, smartphones costing nearly £1,000, inequality, etc., etc., then they simply won’t happen, no matter what is thrown at us.

Especially given the ease to gain access to the transparency of entities.

As the ‘power’ of Wally Wallet, your Wally Wallet, is the ultimate king.

So we, the consumer, have a huge responsibility in shaping our future today, and for the betterment of our future generations, especially when it comes down to:

  • what we actually need?
  • what we want?
  • what we will accept?

Quite exciting when you think about it, as Wally Wallet is sitting in your back pocket or handbag today.

And, if you combine that with moral, societal, environmental, purposeful consumerism, then wow!

Keith Osola


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