Come On Let's Shine

Now let’s get this straight, for I’m the sort of guy who can work with anyone, as age has no relevance in my book (never has had), and I’m writing about the younger guys.

For sure they get ‘mixed’ reviews, the majority of which are wholeheartedly unjustified, in my opinion.

Yes they think differently, and to some degree have a different mindset, but that’s no bad thing, given that they’re growing up in an inter-connected world, and one full to the brim of technology, that we’ve given them to explore.

And that’s one of the exciting features of working with our younger generation, for they’re constantly exploring new avenues for its application and further development.

Whilst I consider myself as being reasonably adept with tech. stuff, my forte really lies in the depth of visioning I can achieve, together with a far better understanding of what exquisite operational excellence really means.

And this is great, for it’s a two way learning process, and as such keeps everything ‘fresh’ and ‘exciting’.

Yep they can swipe, click, paste, merge and code better than I can, but their ability to truly vision is somewhat hampered by their age and life experiences, even though many have great aspirations and dreams.

Their shear enthusiasm, once they’re excited about something, is almost limitless, and they certainly like to push out the boundaries, and that’s great.

And that is the second feature I’ve noticed with the younger generation, their energy and eagerness to try or explore something new, usually with a real heart felt passion, that can at times (I admit) be a tad difficult to comprehend, but hey, we’re all capable of absorbing new things, so it’s no big deal.

This passion is certainly evident in their creativity, and expression, through social mediums that we’ve given them to explore, and yes, it might be misguided at times, but is that ‘misguided’ approach not actually being used for them to acquire the extra knowledge/wisdom they lack?

And yes, it’s fair to say that their undoubted creativity and expression, goes well beyond that of tech. stuff., and that’s great.

So I guess we need to learn how to blend the generations together more, for each one can learn from each other, and that’s a powerful combination in anyone’s book.

And we shouldn’t go out of our way to classify one set against another, for that breeds negative human emotions, that we can all do without in today’s world.

Nor, (as it’s one thing that ‘urks’ me enormously), should we be discriminating between the genders anymore.

For one things for sure, and I see it first hand, there’s an even more ‘savvy’ generation coming through right now, and it’s an honour to watch, and be involved in their evolutionary development.

come on, let’s shine!

Keith Osola

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