There’s Really 1 Point To This Post – Awareness


You may read this, I guess in two ways, one, ‘It’ll never happen to me’ or two, ‘You might just have a point there’.

Either way, you’ll keep powering on with your schedule, as I was, utterly oblivious to what may be about to happen (Stroke strikes at someone every 2 minutes).

There I was, with all to play for, having returned from West Africa, with a new, exciting opportunity in Dubai, just around the corner.

01:30 am, and just wrapping up for the day, I caught my foot on the coffee table on my way onto my balcony for some air.

01:40 am, I tried to return, dragging my right leg with me, and lay on the bed.

Between 01:40 am and 02:30 am I mentally watched as the ‘lights’ were being turned off, one by on, throughout the entire right hand side of my body, from the very tip of my head, to the very tip of my toes – nothing, absolutely nothing was going to move.

No headache, no nausea, no pain – not the slightest sign of symptom.

By 03:00 am I was observant of a whole pile of faces, coming in and out of focus, all dressed in green, and a chorus of blue ‘discotheque’ lighting happening outside.

2 1/2 months later, I was still being winched in and out of bed, by ever more complex machinery.

3 months later, and I guess I am of the lucky one’s, for ‘sparks’ started flying throughout my right leg, like a crescendo of electric shocks, that sent every conceivable muscle into overdrive – in a vertical position, strapped to a machine, I convinced them to loosen the straps, one by one, inch by inch.

3 months 16 hours – I stood on my own for the very first time, couldn’t move an inch, so I cried with joy instead.

There’s really one point to this post – don’t let it happen to you!

Get your blood pressure checked tomorrow – and then very regularly.

2 1/2 years later, and I could just about stumble about.

3 years later, and I started to get electric pulses throughout my arm, sending it into endless spasms of comical movement.

4 years + later, I’m still working on the finer movements, and fighting spacticity and fatigue at every opportunity.

If you have enjoyed this ‘wee’ read, and hopefully I’ve inspired you to look after yourself, and you are feeling generous – then please donate to, or make the Stroke Association your preferred charitable cause for this year.

Determination – motivation – resilience: yes in abundance.

But in the process, I’ve lost just about everything.

I’m determined to strive and get back into the arena that I love so much, the world of business, though the process is far from easy, for the ‘grey matter’ works overtime, but it’s always in advance of the physical frame.

So, don’t let it happen to you, for the sake of looking after yourself in the same way that you look after your business.

Thank you for allowing me to share, have a great evening.


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