Launching ‘Team Enterprise’ Tomorrow

Wednesday will see the launch of ‘Team Enterprise’ for YR4 pupils at St Peter’s First School, Droitwich Spa.

Very excited to see how it develops into professionally finished and audience presented products.

YR4 is an ideal age to engage the eager minds towards enterprise and entrepreneurialism.

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 St. Peter’s Plc.

‘Welcome To Team Enterprise’

Enterprise – Innovation – Inclusion

Enterprise Group Proposal

Design, develop, make and present a new concept Board Game.

Key Skills Development

  • Team work (leadership and inclusion)
  • Maths and English (verbal and written, including note taking)
  • Design (geometric and free-hand) and spatial awareness
  • Correct use of IT (creativity and writing)
  • Communication and interaction
  • Original thinking (innovation)
  • Logical approach
  • Patience and tolerance

 Design Brief

To develop a brand new interactive and fun board game for the entire family to enjoy.

Design Criteria

  • A dice driven board game with characters
  • Having a start and finish point
  • With risk – chance – luck – interactive fun built in
  • Using a grid board (A3 or larger in size)
  • Easy to follow rules

Proposal Criteria

  • Team name(s) (possible leader and roles?)
  • Market research (in school and adults)
  • Game choice (what is it going to be based on – theme?)
  • Game name (branding)
  • Game design (functionality)
  • Game rules
  • Game testing
  • Making the final product
  • Presentation of the game by the team(s) to an audience

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