My Style

‘Stroke survivor, and inspirational team player, who thrives on delivering brand excellence through transformation, people development, and vision.

Passionate believer in structures where people come first, and exquisite operational, marketing excellence supports the organisation to deliver a ‘five star’ consumer experience continuously.’

It’s all about people, that’s what I always say.

My personal quote:

‘People make breathtaking businesses, and breathtaking businesses make breathtaking people.’

Some key abilities

  • Maximising potential using ‘five star’ service focus as a business driver
  • Inspiring and optimising initiatives to deliver brand excellence through vision
  • Achieving organisational enhancement through lateral business development
  • Optimising employee contribution, by maximising their involvement in the business
  • An infectious ‘can do’ attitude, that inspires people to achieve results and build lasting relationships

What Is Mentoring?



Business mentoring is not about writing a ‘stuffy’ report, that you’ll file in your bottom draw.

It’s much, much, more than that, as a great business mentor acts as being your very best buddy.

By engaging in such a way, we can build an open and honest rapport, thus allowing us to ‘challenge’ the entire entity without hesitation.


As your business mentor, I’ll use my eyes and ears to view everything – particularly what I call, Exquisite Operational Excellence, that way I can evolve a proper understanding with you as to where are the weaknesses, but more importantly, where are the opportunities.

Why I Love Working With Entrepreneurs, Young People   Continue reading WHY I LOVE WORKING WITH YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS, YOUNGER PEOPLE

One of the many benefits of being a business mentor, without any form of preconceptions, is that I can look at a business, or an idea, from a ‘helicopter’ perspective and, approach the opportunities in a much more friendly and supportive way, by adding different dimensional inputs.

Quite often, as we all know when we’re running a business, or developing a business, the solutions are right there in front of you, but you’re often too busy to be able to see

That’s where a fresh pair of eyes, from a business mentor, can work wonders, and combining that with a proper supportive working relationship, it can produce excellent short, medium and long-term results.

Business mentoring is very different to standard business consultancy in style, and in my opinion, is much more beneficial, no matter what your objectives or goals might be.

The process of being your business mentor, is usually much more effective, longer lasting and meaningful, as it is built upon a long-term close working relationship, rather than a ‘quick fix’ approach.

In a way, as it’s personal and tailored, it’s exactly the same as being a tutor – so why not have a look at my tutor page?

A Tutor Guy

Currently a Business Mentor to Warwick Business School (WBS), part of Warwick University.

My detailed career profile can be found on Keith Osola

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